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So you have decided to propose to your loved one in Paris...


Paris is the city of romance,


and your partner will be blown away by the gesture. 


What better way to show them you care than by personalizing your proposal with music!!

Best Paris Violinist Your Paris Violinis

Add a musical touch to your precious moment

Imagine the gentle backdrop of you and your loved one's favorite song as you ask the most honest of questions...


...and after your partner says yes, you hold each other in a long embrace...


...your partner smiling through their tears, realizes...

"that's OUR SONG!

         He's playing OUR SONG!!!"

Adrian has been playing for marriage proposals in Paris for 4 years now, and he truly enjoys making your moment all the more special!  He is honored to be a part of such sacred moments and to help enrich them with his musical talents. 

Why have music at your proposal?

Having music at your proposal will bring an extra layer of depth, personalization and intimacy to your proposal.  Since Adrian can learn any song you ask him to, you will be able to ask your loved one the question of a lifetime, with the most decadent of all instruments playing your song in the background.  Also, think about the photos! Asking your loved one’s hand in marriage is a wildly romantic gesture.  Don’t you want your friends, your family, and your future children and grand-children to see how romantic you are?

Of course I want music at my proposal!!! But why should I choose Your Paris Violinist?

Adrian has 4 years of experience playing for marriage proposals (he has graced over 100 couples with his music) and other romantic events all across France.  He has worked with some of the top events organizers and photographers in Paris, and understands the importance of dressing impeccably, of punctuality, and of mastering the music he plays so it intertwines naturally into the moment.  Since he is part of the photos, Adrian is very much aware of his placement and his visual presentation, and he works hand in hand with your photographer(s) to make sure the photos come out spectacular!  And most of all, you should choose Adrian because he loves playing for proposals! He loves being part of such beautiful intimate moments, and the emotions he feels are translated in the music he plays!!

How does a proposal go with musical accompaniment?

You will choose a time and a beautiful location, and the musician(s) will show up at least 30 minutes before to get tuned up and in place.  They will await your arrival, and when they see you coming there are multiple possibilities.  They can start playing your special song so you hear it from afar as you walk up.  Even if it is your loved one’s favorite song, in our experience they won’t suspect a thing until you get down on one knee and pop the question! Another possibility is the musician(s) wait for you to walk up and say “bonjour”, and then they start playing your song while you pop the question.  There are as many more possibilities as can imagine— the violinist can give your loved one a rose; you can ask if he knows a particular song; you can start off by dancing… there is no one way to do it!

Which songs should I choose?

The best songs to choose are the songs that are most meaningful to you and your partner.  Perhaps it is a song you were listening to when you first kissed, or the song you first danced to.   It could be a song you and your partner have listened to a thousand times, a love song, a song that makes both of you smile…. YOUR SONG! Most songs are possible, but occasionally songs are difficult to render on the violin (if there isn’t a strong recognizable melody, for example), and in that case, Adrian will let you know and help you choose a more suitable one.


Sounds great! How do I hire Your Paris Violinist?

Wonderful, Adrian would love to play for your proposal or event.  Just choose from one of our packages, and get in touch as soon as possible to find out about availability!

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